This is one of the reasons why Kamal Haasan is at the peak .. the famous actress who was amazed and praised


The actress has many fans who have acted in movies in many character roles and in the role of mother. Sujatha Sivakumar, who has acted in more than 50 films, talks about the path she is currently on. Madurai-born actress Sujatha Sivakumar has captivated the audience with her unique and realistic slang and unique voice like Siddi, Amma and Aunty in our home.

His first film was Virumandi, a 2004 film starring Kamal Haasan. Sujatha Sivakumar, who has shown her acting prowess through the role of speech, has said one thing about Kamal. Kamal Haasan will not belittle anyone. Kamal Haasan has said that he will be careful to give the same amount of importance to his fellow actors as he does to himself and that he will look at himself and encourage you by saying that you are acting well.

Sujatha later played Priyamani’s mother in the film Paruthiveeran, directed by Aamir, which turned her cinema career around. After this film, Sujatha Sivakumar not only made a name for herself as Paruthiveeran Sujatha, but also won many other awards.

Following this, she would have played the character role of actor Vijay in the movie Sura as the mother of actor Vijay and also in the movie including Faith and Veeram. Katy Billa will be seen in the movie Killadi Ranga and in the 2014 movie Koli Soda as a brave woman without a husband.

Golishoda also got the name Achchi through this film. Director Sasikumar will be playing the character actress in the upcoming Sundarapandian movie. Sujatha’s character in this film is still popular among the people.

Sujatha, who has acted with many leading actors, said that she was saddened that she could not act in the movie Annatha starring superstar Rajinikanth as she did not have a callsheet. However, he has stated that he will definitely act with Rajini.

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