Theaters are no more, ODD is enough .. 7 films that hit the Gilli model


Various changes have taken place in the world during the Corona period. This world has seen various major changes during the curfew. Seeing that, huge changes are taking place in the screen industry as well. Fans who could not go to the theaters started going to the site called ODD, as many of the films that were shot before the curfew and were ready to be released even though the shootings did not take place could not be released as the theaters were closed due to the curfew.

Although Oddi was already a familiar site to everyone, it was during this corona curfew that the Oddi page became more popular. In this collection we are going to look at the biggest hit movies released on ODT.

Charbatta lineage: Sarpatta Paramparai is a 2021 film based on the history of the Tamil Nadu boxing tournament, directed by Pa. Ranjith and starring Arya and produced by Neelam Productions and released on Amazon Prime. The storyline is centered on the conflict between two generations, the Idiyappa dynasty and the Charbatta dynasty.

It also took a very deep look at the politics going on in it. The film was originally planned to be released in theaters. However, due to the Corona curfew, the film was later bought by Amazon Prime and released on Amazon Prime ODT, which was a huge hit. The film was acclaimed by the fans from various quarters.

Praise the Lord: Actor Surya, who broke the deadlock for not releasing films of big actors in ODT, continued to release ODD page films and earned the displeasure of theater owners. Thus the most important of the films he published was the film Praise the Sun. The film was directed by Sudha Kongra. Ra. Embraced the true story of Gopinath.

It was the most watched film in the series of Tamil films released in the year 2020. The film was later re-released in theaters in Kerala. The film was produced by Surya Jyotika’s 2D Entertainment and after a number of critical issues, the film was later released on the Amazon Prime Odd site and was well received.

Mandela: Mandela is a 2021 political satire film. The film was written and directed by debutant director Madonna Aswin. Many new faces have been cast in the lead role of Yogi Babu in the film. The story of this film is set against the backdrop of two castes competing in a Gram Panchayat election. Yogi Babu performed brilliantly as a barber. The film was released live on April 4, 2021 via Vijay TV and internationally the next day via Netflix.

Lift: 2021 is a thriller film released in Tamil. It originated in the introductory movement of Vineet Varaprasad. The film starred Gavin and Amrita Iyer. It was released live via Hot Star. The story of this film and the realistic performance of the actors who starred in this film was much appreciated.

Project Two: Project Two is a crime thriller set in 2021 starring actress Aishwarya Rajesh. It was written and directed by director Vignesh Karthik. Released on Sony Live, the film was well received. Many major magazines in India have written highly praising the film. The film was praised by critics for its making and the cast of the film.

Bizarre mood: Vinodaya Siddham was one of the most amazing films in Tamil cinema. There are very few films in Tamil that have middle and old characters as the protagonist of the story. The film is an adaptation of the old Tamil play Vinodaya Siddham. Toxic verses Samuthirakani and Thampi Ramaiah’s performance in the film was praised in various quarters. This image was released on the ZEE 5 ODT site.

Jay Beam: Jay Beam is a film that has made not only Tamil cinema but the whole of India look back at the world. The film was produced by Surya’s 2D Entertainment. S. Gnanavell came out in motion and scored a super double hit. The film went on to win several awards. It also got the honor of going all the way to the final round of the Oscars. The film is set in the story of a lawyer who fights against the injustices inflicted on the tribes. Released on November 2 on Amazon Prime as a Deepavali release.

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