The screen world trembles with fear at me .. I want to study as a cop


Currently, Ranganathan is a student of Tamil cinema. Apprentice currently runs a YouTube channel. It is said that he made a lot of money from this. This is because the actor in the cinema has been telling the gossips and intimate matters of the actresses through his YouTube channel.

Thus many people follow his channel. But on the one hand many of the cinema celebrities are angry at the apprentice. And many attempts have been made to prevent this. But the apprentice is constantly releasing various gossip messages that no one can suppress me.

Actress Kasturi, Radhika and many others condemned her YouTube channel. In this regard, he had recently given an information about Nayantara. This means that Nayantara is not privileged to have a child and both Nayantara and Vignesh Sivan want to have a surrogate mother.

He also said that Bollywood actresses Priyanka Chopra and Shilpa Shetty got it through a surrogate mother. The news caused serious controversy. The apprentice was also attacked by several harsh criticisms from Nayan fans.

The cinematographers can do nothing for me in this situation because their family is in my hands. If what I say is a lie they can come and fight me bravely but they can do nothing for me because it is true.

Also, the private messages of many actresses are all in my hands. That is why I boldly tell the truth. This is why everyone is scared to look at me, ”said Ranganathan in an interview.

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