The plot work for Shah Rukh Khan and Aadli alliance .. The current situation of this film


The Beagle film was well received by fans. Following the success of the film, Shah Rukh Khan got the opportunity to direct the film. But Shah Rukh Khan was planning to put together a different story and put on a tremendous cast.

2 years later Shah Rukh Khan has told the story of the film. Shah Rukh Khan also agreed to star in the film to catch the story. Thus they were planning to make this film very grand. Shah Rukh Khan is set to play a villain in the film. But it has been reported that the entire film is going to be a commercial.

But recently the film directed by Aadli Shahrukh Khan has become a flop. As a result, there were constant reports on social media that Aadli was depressed. Also, those in the film industry have reported that Aadli Shah Rukh Khan’s film is almost 90% complete and the film has been dropped as post-production work goes on.

But the Lion movie directed by Audley did not become a trap. People close to Attlee have said they plan to shoot the film in the next 10 days. Also Shahrukh Khan is not able to act in this film as he is starring in Pathan but Shahrukh Khan is keen to act in Lion film. They have said that Lion will be acting in the film with the time available after finishing acting in the film.



But there are a few people who do not like Aadli who are wrongly saying that the film was a drop and that Shah Rukh Khan did not like the way Aadli directed. But none of that is true Shah Rukh Khan only has a callsheet issue. Shah Rukh Khan is currently starring in Lion and is reportedly planning to release the film on Diwali.

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