The next final list to follow Abrami .. Injustice that never happened to anyone!

The Big Boss Ultimate show airing on Disney Plus Hotstar is set to conclude in a few more days. So there is a tough competition going on as to who among the finalists of the Big Boss Ultimate show will be Balaji Murugadoss, Tamaraichelvi, Ramya Pandian, Julie, Nirup and this season’s title winner.

People are casting their ballots for these five people as one person has to be eliminated this week. In this, Julie is going to be eliminated by getting low votes from the people.

When she was eliminated the other contestants were locked in a separate room and a person from outside came in and took Julie away without anyone noticing. The incident has been widely criticized among Big Boss fans.

Because even though the contestants happily led the way for the film promotion, the fans could not accept the fact that Julie, who had been attacking the Big Boss house for so long, had eliminated the other contestants from the last look.

Although Julie has already received negative comments from fans on the Big Boss Season 1 show, she has given her contribution to the Big Boss Ultimate as best she can. That’s why Julie was able to stay at the Big Boss house all day.

Fans are guessing which of the remaining four is Balaji Murugadoss, Tamaraichelvi, Ramya Pandian and Nirup. However, most people predict that Balaji Murugadoss will be the winner of the Big Boss title.

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