The last 5 unpredictable Tamil movies .. Raghuman movie made by Sabash


Fans can predict that this will be the climax of many films released in Tamil cinema. But in some films it is set to be a new twist than the climax we predicted. Thus we can see 5 thriller films with unpredictable climax.

Poles Sixteen: Written and directed by Karthik Narain, the film Poles Sixteen. Raghuvan played the lead role in the film. The film is based on the knot between an accident, a woman’s abduction and a suicide. The film carried suspense from the first scene to the last of what was next.

Hypocrite: The film was written and directed by Pradeep Krishnamurthy. The film starred CB Sathyaraj, Nandita Swetha, Nasser and many more. Cipraj, who is a sub-inspector of the Traffic Police in the film, aspires to work in the Crime Department. Hypocrite how he overcomes the obstacles he encounters after joining there.

String: Sarambam is a movie directed by Arun Mohan and starring Naveen Chandra and Aadukalam Narain. The film was shot under the guise of impersonation. The story of the film is about finding out who died by putting a string tattoo on the neck of a dead woman.

GV: GV was released as a thriller film directed by Gopinath and starring Vetri, Karunakaran and Rohini Monica. The protagonist, who wants to make money by stealing, steals the jewelry he has along with the wedding. The story of the GV movie is that at one point he gives away stolen jewelry.

தெகிடி: Thekidi is a movie directed by Ramesh and starring Ashok Selvan, Janani Iyer and others. The hero, who works for a detective agency, realizes that he is going to take his girlfriend next as the people he is interrogating are being taken next. Thekidi film is set with an unexpected climax of how he saves him from it.

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