The Kashmir Files Based On The Interviews Of More Than 700 Victims’ Families, Pallavi Joshi Was Shocked To Hear The Past!

Vivek Agnihotri’s film The Kashmir Files is in a lot of discussion these days. The reason behind this is the content of the film. The film is made on Kashmiri Pandits. An attempt has been made to show the Kashmir violence in 1990 in this film as well as the conflict that is going on between the generation of that era and today’s generation, but how much truth is this film based on and how much is fiction. . In an interview given to ABP, Pallavi Joshi gave the answer, who is going to be seen in a different form in the film.

Talking to the family of more than 700 victims
It is said that cinema is the mirror of society. Therefore, it is the responsibility of cinema to check the authenticity of the truth while showing any issue related to the society. According to Pallavi Joshi, special care was taken before making this film. Therefore, about 700 such families were talked to who directly faced this violence in Kashmir. He had to be displaced and he is still living with the same pain.

Pallavi Joshi was shaken to hear the past
Pallavi Joshi told in the interview that she herself spoke to those families. Her past was so painful that when Pallavi heard it, on some occasions she felt that she might not be able to listen anymore.

Even today the wounds of Kashmiri Pandits are green
Pallavi Joshi learned from talking to him that the wounds of Kashmiri Pandits have not healed even after 3 decades. It just took a little ointment of time, but even today they are green from inside. All the pain starts showing only after a little scraping. The film is releasing on March 11.

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