The famous director who tore Simbu for money and plays himself in the film

Apprentice Ranganathan is an actor, actress, director and producer who has been talking openly about his public life and secret life on the internet. Apprentice Ranganathan has now released a piece of information about Simbu, who is currently in the minds of fans with the title of SDR.

Simbu, who has his own unique acting skills, is often embroiled in controversy. Most importantly, Simbu is so popular that he keeps Simbu with any new actresses in Tamil cinema and the gossips come out. Not only this but many people know that Simbu is in conflict with many directors. Apprentice Ranganathan talks about the conflict between director Hari and Simbu in this interview.

Director Hari directed the 2004 film Kovil, starring Simbu and actress Sonia Agarwal. The temple film was well received as the best film of the year. The film is set to music by Yuvan Shankar Raja. At this point, director Hari angrily walks towards Simbu at the shooting spot of the film.

One thing we all know is that many film directors and crews have said that actor Simbu usually arrives late for the shooting spot. In that sense actor Simbu will always be late for the temple shoot. But director Harry is adamant that the film should be completed within the allotted time. This will not always lead to peace.

This makes director Hari terribly angry that Simbu is coming late.
Meanwhile, Hari, who once could not control his anger, scolded Simbu as if he was scolding the assistant directors. Former director Hari scolds Simbu for not being able to come to the shooting on time to buy money and work on his film.

Learner Ranganathan said that Simbu has not shaken hands with director Hari even after the success of the film. Simbu, who has not been married till now, is hosting the show instead of world hero Kamal Haasan on the Big Boss Ultimate show which is being aired on ODT. Following the success of the conference film, he has starred in films including The Ten Heads of the Burning Soul.

Currently, director Hari is directing and starring actor Arunvijay Yanai in the film.

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