The famous actor who sidelined Simbu in the kiss scene .. just kept his mouth shut


Manmadhaleela is a movie directed by Venkat Prabhu and starring Ashok Selvan. Venkat Prabhu, who is rocking the bar in action films, has taken this film as a romance comedy throughout. The trailer of the film was released and received negative reviews among the fans.

Venkatprabhu directed the Time Look movie titled Conference with Binny pedaling Simbu in romance. The film does not feature any large-scale romance scenes. But the film was a huge success.

Currently young actor Ashok Selvan has taken kissing scenes throughout the film with Manmadha Leela. The big shock was that Venkat Prabhu is making an adult movie. And the fans who saw the trailer of the film were critical of Venkatprabhu.

Also, the film featured monologue lip lock scenes. Ashok Selvan had captured the hearts of the fans with his films like Billa-2, Soodu Kavum, Thekidi, O My God. Ashok Selvan has acted in just 13 films in nine years.

Because he is the one who can choose the film and act so relaxed. But now Ashok Selvan has tarnished his name with Manmadhali. In this case, Ashok Selvan has three heroines in the movie Manmadhaleela. In it, Samyukta Hegde and Riya Suman both looked very sexy. And kisses are what Simbu is all about.

Ashok Selvan has made a name for himself beyond them. But a little sotappi in acting has shocked everyone. Many are criticizing Venkat Prabhu as the one who left the emerging actor Ashok Selvan like this.


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