The family who gave such an opportunity to the person who gave the opportunity .. Sivakumar who publicly disgraced

Actor Sivakumar’s family is the star family in Tamil cinema. Beginning with Sivakumar, his two sons and daughter-in-law are all very popular in the film industry.

Sivakumar’s son Karthi Paruthiveeran made his debut in Tamil cinema with the hugely successful film. Directed by Aamir, the film starred Karthi, Priyamani, Saravanan and many stars including Ganja Black.

The film is based on a village story and Karthi plays a rogue village youth. Karthi also received many awards and accolades for her outstanding performance in the film.

Director Aamir was the main reason why he got such a big name and fame. He worked hard for three years for this film and made Karthi. After that the film was released and became a huge hit.

In an interview given by actor Sivakumar at that time he slammed him very badly for what we are addicted to Aamir. Only then did it become clear to everyone that there was something wrong between Sivakumar’s family and him.

What it is is that Aamir had acquired the rights in certain areas for the release of this film. Some of the confusion was said to be the biggest reason for the problem with Sivakumar’s family. Thus Sivakumar is very angry with Aamir. This is the reason why the Karthi-Aamir alliance is not aligned at present.

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