The deceitful actress who trusted the leader of the association .. took an oath with lamentation


The young actress has emerged as the dream girl of the fans in Telugu cinema. Being popular in Telugu, she has an insatiable desire to come one round as a popular actress in Tamil.

Thus he was contracted to act in the film of the Sangam leader in Tamil. The actress was hoping that the film would be a huge success and gain fame and acclaim. But what happened was the opposite.

The actress’ much-anticipated film disappeared as soon as it arrived. The actress, who thought that she would get a good name for this, was left with a big disappointment. Thus the actress is lamenting to those close to her that the film crew has deceived her.

The main reason for the actress’ lament was that the film crew gave an over-buildup about the film and irritated the actress. The actress, who relied on the crew, is currently frustrated that the film did not run.

Thus, the actress has not vowed to act in a film with a good storyline that will give prominence to her character from now on. The actress is currently waiting for a director to come up with such a story.

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