The daughter who said OK to Modern Mummy .. can no longer hold her angry hand


Pakkiyalakshmi is a series airing on Vijay TV in prime time. Iniya is currently in the tenth grade with the highest score in the series. So Kobe takes her daughter to a restaurant to treat her.

What Kobe hates about Bhagya is that he is very affectionate with his children. If that is Gopi’s daughter Iniya, then he has a special affection for her. Still, Gopi was worried about what Iniya would think if he married Radhika.

Using this, Kobe asks Mom and I to go to France with you. For that Iniya I will be with you Daddy, Mom says as the camel war. And if Inya agrees to ask Gopi if you want a modern mommy, Gopi will be very happy.

In this situation, Gopi and Iniya’s setting aside Pakia is an annoyance to Bagya. Amrita’s mother – in – law reveals that the rowdies caused trouble for Amrita. So he angrily takes Amrita outside.

Goes there and beats the rowdies who made trouble for Amrita. And everyone says that I am Amrita’s husband. Amrita is shocked to hear this. And Amrita is likely to fall in love with Ehil as she is safe Ehil.

Thus the great expectation of whether the father is getting married first or the son is getting married has come up in the Pakiyalakshmi series. Thus Pakkiyalakshmi is to come up with many interesting story domain.

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