The celebrity who saw the Beast movie before the movie came out .. Nelson said openly

The only thing currently being talked about popularly among cinema fans is about the Beast movie. Directed by Nelson and starring Vijay, the film is set to hit theaters in a few days.

Udayanithi Stalin is all set to release this film in Tamil Nadu on behalf of his Red Giant Movies, which has been produced by Sun Pictures. In this situation, Vijay’s fans are now eager to see this movie.

Because the trailer of this movie which was released a few days ago has made everyone, including the fans, highly anticipated. Also, songs like Arabic punch and Jalio Gymkhana featured in the film have been well received by the fans and are going viral.

In this case, the director of the film Nelson has given an interesting information about the film. That is, after the completion of the Beast movie, he first shows it to Anirudh and his friends who work in the studio.

We all know that Nelson is very close to composer Anirudh. In that sense he will be in that studio a lot of the time. That is why he showed the picture to his friend Anirudh for the first time.

Everyone who casts their eyes upon it, wants a go. They also expressed their appreciation and congratulations to him for making the film a huge success. This is the first review of the Beast film, Nelson said in an interview.

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