The celebrity who remade Prabhu’s movie and saw a profit of 100 crores .. but he can run here even for 3 days!


Actor DP Gajendran is not only a comedian in Tamil but also has directed many films. Most of the films released under his direction are mostly about comedy.

One such film released under his direction was Banda Paramasivam. The film starred Prabhu, Kalapavan Mani, Abbas, Ramba and Monica among others. Prior to this film, Gajendran had directed films like Prabhu with Middle Class Madhavan and Budget Padmanabhan.

The comedy scenes featured in those movies were all highly acclaimed by the fans. The Banda Paramasivam movie released in that order did not attract the fans that much. Thus the film failed to run in theaters even for 3 days after its release.

However, the film was remade in Hindi. It stars Akshay Kumar, Jacqueline Fernandez and Aswin in the lead roles. The film, which grossed just over Rs 2 crore, was a blockbuster hit.

Not only that, it achieved a huge achievement by collecting up to Rs 100 crore. The film, which has already been released in Malayalam, was remade in Tamil. The film was released in Malayalam under the title Mettupatti Machan.

The film, which failed in Tamil, was remade and released in Hindi as Housefull 2. But unexpectedly the film was a huge success there. But after the failure of this film in Tamil, Prabhu started acting in a character character instead of acting as a hero.

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