The celebrity who had fun with the tea-drinking capula actresses .. The secret that kept her young until her death


We would have seen so many romantic scenes in the cinema. There will be some actors just to star in that romantic scene. The actor is the one who came to the fore as the king of love in the Tamil film industry.

His love songs abound not only in cinema but also in real life. For some, fame and money are all addictive. But this actor has had a lot of addiction and passion for women. Surprisingly, that passion persisted into his immature age.

While the actor is acting in the cinema, he can go to the house of his fans in that town wherever the shooting takes place. His job is to target even richer women. So it was not a game he did not go to those girls’ house.

Besides, women should definitely be with him at any time like tea time, lunch, dinner. That includes some actresses. Sada will always have fun with women.

That way he can do whatever the women who are happy ask for right away. The news that the man had married a young woman even at a young age caused a stir at the time.

He was so obsessed with women that he left to have fun with women until his death. But the amazing thing is that the actor has been very young till his death.

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