The celebrity who changed Deva’s life .. A quality incident made for a superstar


Thenisait Thenral Deva has given many super hit songs in Tamil cinema. He is the name given to the song Ghana. The Ghanaian songs released in his music have been very well received by the fans till date. He has composed music for films of many leading actors like Rajini and Kamal.

While composing at Deva AVM studio, a phone call came from K Balachander from Kavidalaya. Director Imayam K Balachander has said that he should compose music for his film then. On hearing this, Deva said, “I have been waiting for so long and I will definitely do it.”

K Balachander is not my film for that My disciple is directing. He has said he wants to compose music for the film. After that you will not ask who is the hero, superstar Rajinikanth has said that he is the hero. Deva was speechless after hearing that and was overjoyed not knowing what to say.

In other words, Balachander has asked Deva to compose the music for the superstar starrer Badshah directed by Suresh Krishna. Deva immediately set aside the callsheet as it was a great privilege to work with them.

Deva said that this is how she got the opportunity to compose music for the film Badshah. Since then he has worked with Rajini in several films. All the songs composed by Deva in Rajinikanth’s Annamalai were super duper hits.

Apart from that, till now, only Deva’s music has been included in Rajinikanth’s title card music. To that extent the theme music composed by him is still the main focus of Rajinikanth’s screen career to this day.

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