That thing that separated close friends .. The test that came to the friendship of Kamal and Radharavi

Radharavi is a famous actor who plays a villain and a character in cinema. He mixes not only acting but also politics. Likewise he is the one who openly breaks down what is on his mind.

Thus he used to face many controversies and problems. But he continues to speak his mind in controversial ways without worrying about it all. One thing he talked about like that was what separated his friend from him.

Radharavi has acted with actor Kamal Haasan in many films in cinema. Thus the two of them had a close friendship beyond just acting. But this friendship ended with some things Radharavi said about Kamal.

During last year’s elections, Radhakrishnan campaigned in Coimbatore in support of the BJP. Kamal Haasan, the leader of the People’s Justice Center party, contested in that constituency. Radhakrishnan, who spoke against him at the time, uttered very derogatory words.

Thought of being a foreigner to Kamal, there is a wedding here and there is a wedding. How can a man who has abandoned himself without saving the women who depended on him save the people. He dragged his family and spoke very badly whenever his heirs would be like him.

In addition, Kamal has spoken very poorly about participating in the Big Boss show. This shocked many. A case was also registered against him. Because of this politics and their friendship has broken down.

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