That man did not raise me .. Dhanush replied timirai

The biggest controversy on the internet lately is the divorce of Aishwarya and Dhanush. The couple announced that they will be parting ways after 18 years of marriage. Various rumors were circulating on the internet as to what caused the two to split.

Thus both Dhanush and Aishwarya are facing various problems and gossips. Currently Dhanush is focusing on filming throughout to forget this. Many people say that you grew up in cinema because you are Rajinikanth’s nephew recently.

Dhanush made his directorial debut with his father Kasturi Raja’s Tulluvatho Ilamai. Following this, Dhanush acted in several films under the direction of his brother Selvaragavan and earned the status of a consistent protagonist. The films released by Selvaragavan and Dhanush Coalition continued to be well received by the people.

Many people are saying that Dhanush has reached this height today because of Rajini. Dhanush replied that I came to cinema through my father and brother. They were the ones who raised me in the early days.

After that my talent alone was the main reason I grew up in cinema. Dhanush has said that Rajini’s nephew did not raise me except to give me a status. Apart from that, Dhanush is currently facing various crises due to the division of Dhanush and Aishwarya.

Dhanush kept the titles of Rajinikanth’s Wicked, Uneducated and Golden Son sentimental in his films. Thus many people say that Rajini is the main reason for Dhanush’s growth.

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