Super hit movie coming to give a break to Arulnidhi .. Intimidating second part is ready


Recently actor Arulnidhi has been suffocating from not being able to give a hit film. The stories he chooses do not lend themselves so well. Thus he is eager to give a hit film somehow.

Currently he is giving more importance to horror and thriller movies. Because some of the thriller movies he has acted in have earned him a good reputation. It was also a box office success.

In that line, his performance in the film Demandy Colony brought him a good name. Directed by Ajay Gyanamuthu, the film co-starred Arulnidhi with Ramesh Tilak and Abhishek in the lead roles.

The film, which focuses on the mysteries of a home, terrified fans. Thus Arulnidhi has been interested in such stories for a few days now. He is also asking the directors who come to tell him the story to have such a story.

In this situation, the second part of the movie Demandi Colony, which gave Arulnidhi a good name, is currently being made. Director Ajay Gyanamuthu, who directed the first part of the film, is writing the story.

His assistant director is there to direct the film. All the work for this is currently in progress. The announcement of the second part of the film is expected soon. Let’s see if the second part of this super hit movie will give him a hand as Arulnidhi expected.

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