Soundarya’s ex-boyfriend arrives .. Bharathi Kannamma with action twists


Bharathi Kannamma is a series airing on Vijay TV in prime time. Soundarya often received messages from strangers in the series. In this situation, Bharathikannamma has introduced a new character named Vikram. He is the one who sent messages to Soundarya.

Soundarya, her husband and Vikram all studied together. In this situation Vikram has fallen in love with Soundarya and before that Soundarya’s husband has overtaken and proposed to Soundarya. They have been sharing all this with the family and talking lively.

Then Bharathi’s house was weeded out as Attam Pattam. In this situation, Bharathi’s father tells Vikram that Bharathi is interested in doing social service. Bharti is also proud to say that he has bought a hospital and is providing free treatment to those who are suffering there.

Vikram hears this and tells me to do some help like this too, Bharathi says come to the hospital once and you will get an idea. On the other hand Venpa meets the lawyer. Then Bharathi says that the divorce case of Kannamma is coming very soon.

Further, the advocate says that Bharti should be firm in this. Immediately Venpa goes to the hospital to meet Bharathi. But Bharathi, who was present at the meeting, did not even listen to Venpaa. Venpa gets angry at this.

In this situation, many twists are waiting for the new arrival of Vikram in the Bharathikannamma series. Vikram is also expected to step down in an attempt to bring both Bharathi and Kannamma together. And a phone call to Wenba often comes. Who it is remains a mystery until now.

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