Son who behaves more cruelly than Gopi .. Bagya who beats with a hammer!


In Vijay TV’s Bhagyalakshmi serial, Bhagyalakshmi reveals beautifully what problem she is facing as the head of the family, Bhagya. In yesterday’s show, Bhagya asks her husband Gopi to give her only ten thousand rupees more this month for household expenses.

To which Kobe reprimands Bagya, saying, ‘Whenever you come and talk to me, I’m scared of how much money you’re going to ask.’ But despite all that, Bhagya’s father-in-law, who suffered a stroke, shamelessly asks Gopi for money for medicine.

After that, the eldest son tells Cheliyan to ask for money as the money is not ten. But Cheliyan, who does not understand Bhagya’s situation, speaks to Bagya’s mind, saying, ‘It is the duty of the recipients to spend all their money on the children.

Jenny, the daughter-in-law, who was even listening to this, scolds the rich man for not talking like this. But the rich man closes his mouth to Genie, saying, ‘I’m talking to my mom.

So Gopi scolds his son Chezhiyan and makes Bhagya suffer. Thus it is hard to see Bhagya being hammered into buying the Bhagyalakshmi serial. Others in the house, however, have been active in supporting Bhagya.

Ezhil, the youngest son in particular, is generous enough to give all the money he earns to Bhagya and use it for household expenses and grandfather’s medicine expenses.

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