Sivakarthikeyan’s favorite Nelson .. Even if he was red, the incident would have been better

Commander Vijay has been interviewed on the iconic screen again after ten years. It airs on Sun TV on the 10th. Beast is currently being produced by Sun Pictures and directed by Nelson Dileepkumar and starring Vijay.

As always the audio launch of Vijay movie is going to be huge. But they have arranged this show as there is no audio launch for the Beast movie. Vijay will be interviewed by Nelson Dileepkumar, director of Beast.

The promo of this interview has been released and has caught the attention of the fans. In it, Vijay looks like an idol made of red. In it he only comes to voice like a robot. Nelson asks him some questions as if he knows nothing.

In the last election, Vijay came on a bicycle and drove, which caused a lot of controversy. With that in mind, Nelson raises the question of why the bicycle is the only 4 car. Vijay smiles at that.

Many of these questions are very realistic. Ten years after Vijay was interviewed, many have been critical of Nelson as to how the questions should be. They say that it would have been interesting if Sivakarthikeyan had interviewed Vijay.

Because Sivakarthikeyan came from the iconic screen. He has also questioned many celebrities and has been beaten to death for not being able to answer. Thus Sivakarthikeyan would have revealed many things he did not know about Vijay. Sivakarthikeyan, Anirudh and Nelson Dileepkumar have already released an Arabic boxing song promo.

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