Sivakarthikeyan, the judge who closed his eyes with gripping questions

‘Mr. Local’ is a movie released in May 2019 starring Sivakarthikeyan and produced by Gnanavel Raja. Sivakarthikeyan was contracted Rs 15 crore as salary for the film. According to Sivakarthikeyan, only Rs 11 crore has been paid so far and the remaining Rs 4 crore is due.

In this context, Gnanavela Raja, who had seized another 11 crore rupees in DTS, had earlier filed a case against Gnanavela Raja three years ago against his notice to pay another 91 lakh rupees in income tax without paying it to the Income Tax Department.

Until then, he has to pay back his Rs 4 crore salary arrears and until then he should not invest further in Gnanavel Raja’s production of Jivi Prakash’s Rebel, Simbu and Gautam Karthik’s Ten Heads and Vikram’s Sian 61.

Sivakarthikeyan has also filed a petition in the court seeking an injunction restraining the distribution rights of the films from being released in theaters and on ODT.

Why should the judge who heard this file another petition while the petition regarding the DTS amount is already pending? The judge has questioned Sivakarthikeyan. Sivakarthikeyan’s side is on high alert as the Supreme Court has been raising questions as to why the case has not been prosecuted for 3 years.

Thus, the film between Vikram, Simbu and Jivi Prakash is in trouble, regardless of the issue between Gnanavell Raja and Sivakarthikeyan.

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