Sivakarthikeyan loses crores of rupees


Sivakarthikeyan, who is currently busy acting in several films, last starred in the 2019 film Mr. Local. Directed by Rajesh and produced by Gnanavelaraja, the film stars Nayanthara opposite Sivakarthikeyan.

Released with huge publicity, the film was not as successful as expected. In this context, Sivakarthikeyan recently sued Gnanav Raja for not paying the Rs 4 crore salary due to him in the film.

The news caused a great stir on the screen. Gnanavelarajah has filed a petition in response to this. According to him, Sivakarthikeyan was offered a salary of Rs 1 crore in 2013 for his role in the film Mr. Local.

But as he could not take the picture at that time, the agreement was put a few years back and he was promised a salary of 15 crore rupees. According to him, he has been given 12 crore 78 lakh rupees.

In the petition, Gnanav Raja stated that Sivakarthikeyan had forced Rajesh to direct the film and that he had lost up to Rs 20 crore due to the film.

Sivakarthikeyan also asked me to pay the remaining salary arrears along with the tax. Then there was the problem on the part of the distributors with the loss of the film. Thus Sivakarthikeyan has told King Gnanavelu not to take that money.

Now, many years later, Sivakarthikeyan is suing King Gnanavelu. In his petition, Gnanavle Raja said that Sivakarthikeyan should be fined and the petition should be dismissed.

The new change in this case is currently causing a stir in the media. And Sivakarthikeyan’s action has shocked everyone, including his fans.

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