Shraddha Arya Revelation About Her Love Story With Husband Rahul Nagal


TV’s popular actress Shraddha Arya tied the knot with her long term boyfriend Rahul Nagal on 16 November 2021. But even after marriage, Shraddha is not able to live with her husband under one roof. Shraddha herself had told about this that she would be in a long distance marriage relationship. Recently, during an interview, Shraddha Arya told how Rahul Nagal met her and how her love blossomed. Shraddha Arya kept silent about this for a long time, because she does not like to share much about her personal life. In the interview, Shraddha told that she decided to get married in a hurry. She had no idea after this that she would get married so soon.

Shraddha told that she was in a relationship with Commander Rahul Nagal for almost a year. Till now he had not even thought of marriage. Even this was not told to anyone. The actress told that she first fell in love with her husband’s uniform. Both she and her husband remained in a long distance relationship and in the meantime their relationship continued to grow. Shraddha said that they had met a year ago through a common friend.

During that time Rahul used to stay in Mumbai. Shraddha and Rahul used to meet each other on every occasion as both had very busy schedules. Then Shraddha and Rahul realized that whatever is between the two is more than friendship. Rahul Nagal was then posted in another city. At that time both of them realized what they think and feel about each other. At the same time, this couple thought that now there is a need to take this relationship to the next level.

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