Shocking disclosure of rapper Badshah has gone through clinical depression

Shocking revelation of rapper Badshah - India TV Hindi

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Shocking revelation of rapper Badshah


  • Badshah reveals suffering from depression and severe anxiety
  • The rapper talks about the ‘worst time’ of his life in a conversation with Shilpa Shetty

After India’s Got Talent 9, Shilpa Shetty and King Have reunited for the talk show, ‘Shape of You’. In an interaction, the singer-composer spoke about his mental health journey and the ‘worst times’ of his life in a recent episode of Shilpa Shetty’s show. Badshah revealed to be suffering from depression, anxiety and sleep apnea. Plus, he reveals his fitness secrets and addressed some widely known fitness and mental health myths.

Badshah said that it is necessary to be selfish to maintain one’s mental health. “Mental fitness is my priority in life. Mental peace is a luxury for me as we face pressures every day. I have gone through the darkest times when it comes to my mental health. I have gone through clinical depression “I have severe anxiety disorder so I know I can’t go there again. And in order not to go there again, you have to be selfish in a good way.”

“You have to be with people who make you happy, you have to learn to say no. You have to learn to say yes, you have to be happy, we live under a lot of pressure. We’ve made our lives messy and then we complain.” Let’s say we are not mentally fit. You need to organize things, keep your loved ones with you and that’s it.

Badshah also shared that he is suffering from sleep apnea, which at one point got worse and he needed to work on his physical health. “As an artist, I have to give my best. That was a major reason. The other reason was that I was suffering from sleep apnea. It got more intense over time, and that’s dangerous.”

Also, he said that his journey to lose weight began because he works in a profession where he has to perform on stage for at least 120 minutes at a time. Badshah said- “It’s more about being healthy. There were some important reasons for me to lose weight. My work requires me to perform on stage for at least 120 minutes, I have to be active, That’s one reason.”