Sarpatta movie has no story written for Arya .. Pa Ranjith who broke the secret


Arya, Tushara Vijayan, John Kokan and Pashupati star in last year’s film Charbatta Paramparai. The film was released on Amazon Prime and was well received by the public.

The Charbatta Heritage film was produced by K9 Studios. Santosh Narayanan for this film Composed. The film received much acclaim from Arya. John Kokan, who played the villain in the film, also became famous.

The Charbatta Heritage film was shot with a focus on boxing. The director of the film first wrote the story of the Charbatta dynasty film with actor Karthi in mind. After that Karthi was unable to act in the film due to some date issue.

The crew has since approached Surya. But due to the callsheet and a few issues, Surya has said that he will not act in some scenes and will not speak in some verses. Arya got the chance to let her brother and sister miss the Sarpatta lineage film.

Arya took advantage of the opportunity and showed off her talented performance. After that the shooting of the Charbatta dynasty film was delayed due to the corona spread.

Thus after many setbacks the Charbatta Heritage film was released directly on ODD and became a blockbuster hit with good response from the fans.

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