Santhanam playing in the head .. Arrogance that pushes away the grown up

Actor Santhanam, who has been flying the flag in comedy, has changed his track and has been busy acting as a hero in many films. Although he is a hero by accident, he has given a hit in a few films and continues to prove that I am also a hero. There are so many pictures lined up for him like this. Santhanam has been focusing only on selecting and acting out the stories that the directors may have filmed with him for his comedy, even though he has shown them before his eyes.

At a time like this, if there’s one film that gave him the biggest hit after his debut as a hero, it was Thillukkuttu. The director who directed the film was a close friend of Rambala Santhanam. Following the hit of this film, he also directed the movie Thillukkuttu Part 2.

And the first step he took to Adi at the beginning of Santhanam was the director Rambala who directed the successful show Lollu Saba which aired on Vijay TV, which caused him to enter the cinema. When Santhanam set foot in the film industry due to their friendship, he thought of throwing him out and gave him two films, Thillukuttu and Thillukuttu 2.

Both the films were comedy films and did well in the box office. There was a lot of talk in the cinema circles that the Santhanam Rambala combination is good. Director Rambala has decided to make Thillukuttu Part 3 for the fans who were expecting it to be good if the film continues in this combination. Santhanam suddenly told you not to run this film when you think you can start working on it.

There is already a problem between director Ram Bala and Santhanam going into a working war. So it is arguable that intoxicants of choice runs the taste in Indian cuisine. Fans from many quarters are questioning whether it is right for Santhanam to dismiss the director who gave him two hit films and also the director who is currently supporting him from his early days.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But, looking at his actions recently it seems that in reality he has not yet become a hero. He gets stuck giving his mouth where it is not needed. Cinema circles are whispering that Santhanam will face a big problem as he has a tendency to disrespect those who have been thrown out like this.

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