Samantha who predicted that day .. is a suspenseful character in the movie Beast


The Beast movie, directed by Nelson Dilip Kumar and starring Commander Vijay, is set to release in theaters on April 13. The film is produced by Sun Pictures and produced by Anirudh Music. The trailer of the movie was released recently and made the fans dance.

In the Beast trailer, actor Vijay plays a warrior who fights to save the public from terrorists holding guns at a mall. Vijay’s verses like Payama Irukka, Iruyil Teriyam have been featured in the trailer of the film and have aroused interest. In this case, the film’s crew said that the mall shown in the film was a complete set.

The art director of this film would have set it up like a real mall realistically unlike the set. In this regard, actress Samantha posted a photo on her Instagram page in November last year. Samantha had posted a photo of Malin featured in the film Beast.

Fans who are currently noticing this are widely rumored to be casting Samantha in a role in the film as well. And many are saying that Samantha is kept in suspense just because she is given an important role in the film. But if Samantha Range is starring in this movie then definitely an update will come. While there has been no official update on Beast Samantha’s performance so far, fans have been posting this photo on the internet and viralizing it.

samantha ruth prabhu

samantha ruth prabhu

Netizens suggest that perhaps Samantha posted the photo while staying in a hotel room for the shooting of another film. But the reality is that Samantha gave the biggest update of the Beast movie in November last year.

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