Saif Ali Khan Saw These Three Qualities In Kareena Kapoor After Divorcing Amrita Singh


Saif Ali Khan has been in discussions not only because of his films but also because of his personal life. The actor’s first marriage was with actress Amrita Singh in the year 1991. Saif did not even debut in Bollywood at the time of marriage. At the same time, Amrita Singh was a well-known name of the industry then. It is said that Saif, 12 years younger than Amrita, then went and married against the wishes of the family members. However, Amrita and Saif had two children from this marriage, whose names are Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan.

For a few years of marriage, everything was fine, but after that there were frequent fights between Saif and Amrita. The result was that after 13 years of marriage, both of them got divorced in 2004. A long time after his divorce from Amrita, in an interview, Saif Ali Khan was asked what qualities he looks for in a good life partner?

While answering this question very clearly, Saif Ali Khan had said his heart clearly. Saif had told that a good life partner should have some qualities like he should not judge you on talk, while your life partner should be younger than you.

Saif had also told that the life partner should be of a cheerful nature. Interestingly, all these things were said by Saif in the interview given before marrying Kareena. At the same time, in the year 2012, Saif married Kareena Kapoor for the second time. You can understand that Saif must have seen the same qualities in Kareena, without which his heart fell on the actress.

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