Sai Pallavi I Was Accepted With My Pimples Actress Was Starting To Consider Herself A Flop Actress


South actress Sai Pallavi has earned a big name in the South film industry in a very short time on the strength of her acting. Her name is included in the list of South’s top actress. Sai Pallavi is called Natural Beauty in South Cinema. In such a situation, Sai Pallavi had refused the offer of 2 crores in a pinch, keeping the value of this tag given by the audience. Actually Sai Pallavi was being given 2 crore rupees for the advertisement of fairness cream. And this was accepted by Sai Pallavi himself in front of the media. But do you know that Sai Pallavi feels so confident about her skin. The same Sai Pallavi used to feel very insecure about her skin at one time.

Sai Pallavi used to think that people would only notice her pimples on the screen, she used to think that she was sitting alone in the house day and night. But in this bad time, the fans wanted him for his performance. And remembering this period, Sai while talking in his interview had told that – I did not like to leave the house, I used to stay in the house all the time. I used to think the whole day that people must have noticed my pimples and talked about them. He would not look into my eyes, I used to have a lot of trouble with these things. I am telling the truth to you, I had a serious problem with this thing.

Talking about the story of rejecting the offer of fairness cream, Sai Pallavi had said that – Hello friends, you guys know why I had rejected that offer, the only thing was that I was one of you all. . I also used to feel very insecure about my skin. But when the voice of millions of people reached me that I am beautiful as I am. When people accepted me in my first film with pimple mouth which I thought people would think me as a flop, but people loved me so much I thought I was at the place where I could make people think about this thing. I can inspire.