Rasi Kanna who spoke disgustingly about South Indian films .. that fear must be there


If you are an avid actress in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi, it is Rasi Kanna. He has acted in the Tamil films Imaikanodikal, Atangamaru, Tughlaq Darbar and Aranmanai 3. In this situation, Rasi Kanna has also acted in the movie Tiruchirambalam starring actor Dhanush.

At present he has more Hindi film opportunities than Tamil and Telugu films. Thus, in a recent interview, Rashi Khanna shared her experiences about South Indian films in which women are portrayed badly in South Indian films.

The heroines are called Milk Beauty, Los. That means one has to be glamorous, otherwise one has to act well. Those who think it can never be both. He also said that I have turned down many film opportunities claiming to be beautiful.

The news caused a stir on the internet. And many in South Indian cinema have condemned it. Seeing this, Rasi Kanna is currently on the run for fear of missing out on South Indian film opportunities.

I mean many people who have misunderstood what I said are talking in many different ways. Stop spreading such false news first. I have acted in many language films and I have respect for films, ”said Rasi Kanna.

Rasikanna also alleged that the news was misunderstood or that some people were deliberately spreading false information. But, some people are saying that he has spoken so poorly about South Indian cinema because he went to Bollywood for the zodiac.

Raashi Khanna

Raashi Khanna

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