Radhika is going to give a shock to Bhagya .. what a blow to the head!


In Vijay TV’s Bhagyalakshmi serial, Gopi unknowingly signed a divorce petition with the intention of leaving his wife Bhagya and handed it over to his lawyer. Thus the letter has come to Bagya’s house asking both Gopi and Bhagya to come for the first hearing in the court.

Kobe got it and decided that he should no longer say the thing that had been hidden for so long without anyone knowing. This aside Radhika is planning to put on a get-together party as she wants to invite her friends and introduce Gopi as she wants to marry Gopi a second time.

Radhika tells Gopi that she will also invite Radhika’s friend Bhagya to the party. Without denying this, Gopi responds positively to Radhika by saying, ‘Call them, then the show will be better’.

And Radhika has not only revealed to Bhagya who Gopi is but also reveals the relationship between them. Radhika tells Gopi that Bhagya also understood that.

But if Bhagya came to the show, the disguise that Kobe had been wearing for so long would be dispelled. And Radhika, who wants to retain her second marriage, is going to become a cruel villain in the days to come without giving up Gopi to Bhagya.

And after throwing everything away from mom, dad and kids, Gopi, who knows only Radhika’s happiness is bigger than what they care about, is going to become a character who can be seen as disgusting among serial fans.

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