Producer who changed Shankar’s story .. Jackpot for angry hero


Gentleman is a film directed by Shankar and produced by K D Kunjumon. The elegant screenplay and thrilling scenes in the first film he directed earned him a lot of praise and acclaim.

The film stars Arjun, Madhubala, Countamani, Senthil, Manorama, Vinith, Nambiar among others. In the action movie, Arjun plays an innocent Brahmin and an action character who helps poor students.

The story is set first as Arjun takes on the villain in the finale of this hugely successful film. It was at that time that a human bomb incident took place in Sri Lanka.

Then the event had a huge impact on the general public. Kunjumon Gentleman who saw this has told Shankar that he can put this scene in the climax scene of the movie. Accordingly, Shankar has changed the story as if the Chief Minister is being bombed in the final scene.

But when Arjun heard this, he denied it. And he has angrily denied to Shankar that putting up a scene like this would leave the hero unimportant. But the film was a smash hit.

Shankar wonders what to do with this and convinces Arjuna. After that Arjun also made peace and acted in the scene. The film’s release after that marked a major turning point for both Shankar and Arjun. This successful alliance saw another success in the first film after that.

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