Popular channel that has completed 100 episodes with Ummuna Munchi .. Magical Samio!

The Sun TV serial is a big hit with iconic fans as it airs serials like Roja, Sundari, Medioli, Kannana Kanne, Vanataippola which are eagerly watched daily by housewives to youngsters.

In particular, the Kayal serial, which was launched a few months ago, has been well received by the fans. This is why this serial is holding the number one spot in DRP.

It stars Sanjeev as the protagonist and Saitra Reddy as the heroine. The chemistry between the two has become a work in progress in this series.

As well as the two of them getting used to being friends in the Kayal serial, the protagonist falls in love with the heroine as a head. The moving Kayal serial with such a storyline has now crossed its 100th episode.

The photo of the serial crew cutting the cake and celebrating has gone viral on social media. Fans who watch this also extend their congratulations to the Kayal serial crew.

Fans have also appealed to the Kayal serial crew to show their love for Saitra as soon as Sanjeev joins the series and show that the two will become lovers.

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