Pity Vishnuvardhan by Shalini .. Madam is this fair to you?


Ajith and Shalini are the favorite star couple in the Tamil film industry. The two fell in love and got married and are still living as a mixed couple.

And his wife Shalini plays a key role in choosing the story of the film starring Ajith. Shalini was amazed to see such a movie directed by H Vinod and starring Karthi.

After watching the film, Shalini wondered if she could make a film like this. Already his chess hunting movie has been well received by the fans. This is what has given him faith in the film’s director Vinod.

It was only after that that Shalini asked Ajith to act in Vinod’s direction. What followed was a series of films about encounter vision and strength. But another director has been affected by Shalini’s decision.

That means Ajith is waiting for director Vishnuvardhan to star in the film. The two have already worked together on films like Billa and Beginning. Based on that friendship, Vishnuvardhan has tried to direct a film with Ajith again.

But Shalini saw the films directed by Vinod and asked him to direct the film for Ajith. Thus Vishnuvardhan and Ajith alliance became inaccessible. It also took a long time for the strength movie to finish.

Currently the strength movie release is getting good collections. Following this, Vinod Ajith has joined the alliance in the next film. In this situation, it is a bit doubtful that Vishnuvardhan will direct the film with Ajith again.

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