Pandian Stores Hema who turned into a bride .. Viral video that makes a fuss


Saravana Stores Elite is the only company in Tamil Nadu to have the largest showroom for all types of jewelery like gold, silver, diamond and platinum at both T.Nagar and Tambaram in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Saravana Stores Elite has been selling diamond jewelery for over 3,000 years, making it a popular destination for many, from ordinary people to movie celebrities.

Vanitha Vijayakumar, Deepa, Shamili Sukumar, Manimegalai, Vinod, Sarath and many more YouTube celebrities have been shopping for gold and diamond jewelery in this showroom. Pandian Stores Hema, who had already shopped at this store in this condition, is now back to shop for diamond jewelery.

She loves to look at diamond jewelry that is essential for everyone from small children to adults. He talked about wearing a ring for small children, a necklace for adults, a radius, a bracelet, a ring and everything.

Diamond jewelry in a variety of designs has made him even more beautiful. She has become a bridal woman by wearing exclusive wedding jewelry and diamond jewelry all over her body.

Also in this video they say that we will return this diamond jewelry and ask for what price you will take when buying new jewelry and take it as it is at the market price of the day. Asked about it, Hema said that buying diamond jewelry is more like an investment than gold jewelry.

For example, when you buy diamond jewelry for 50,000 rupees and try to change it a year or two later, if the value of the jewelry is 55 thousand, they say we will take it as it is for that price.

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