No marriage, no film opportunity .. Leading actress who made controversial decisions

The actress was popular in Tamil and Telugu languages. He chooses to act out stories that emphasize the heroine rather than duet with the heroes and sing duets.

So many films in which he has acted and released have attracted fans. In addition, the role of the princess that she played in the world record historical film has earned her immense popularity and fame.

Following that, the actress gained weight and starred in a film with the idea of ​​doing something different. Although the actress received praise for the film, the chances of getting a big one were not high.

The actress also suffered a lot from not being able to lose the loaded body weight. The actress decided that she could get married and step aside contrary to what he thought. But even that attempt did not help him.

He searched for the actress’ favorite for a long time and did not find her. Thus the actress has come to a conclusion that she can act in films again. The actress has now chosen a controversial story with the aim of somehow regaining her place.

Despite the negative story, the actress is planning that everyone will talk about her after the release of the film. It remains to be seen whether this effort will lend a hand to the actress.

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