Nelson’s film to test Rajini


The superstar’s grossing film did not do well at the box office despite its box office receipts. So that’s a little upset for Rajini and the crew.

So Rajini, who thought that the next step should be a death blow, gave the opportunity to director Nelson, who is currently on trend, to take action. The announcement that the film will be directed by Nelson and produced by Sun Pictures came out last week.

Rajini has been thinking of every thing to keep this picture and capture the old market. For that he took in hand the selection of the Ashram heroine. Given Rajini’s age, the perfect choice for it is Bollywood’s Aishwarya Rai. Sun Pictures struck a deal with Rajini, thinking that the actress’ budget would go up.

Sun Pictures, which accepts whatever Rajini says, has steadily embarked on an action plan this time as his market has gone down a bit. I mean, we are contracting Aishwarya but reduce your salary by Rs 20 crore and only then can you handle everything.

Rajinikanth thought of this decision of Sun Pictures. I will reduce the salary but he has asked for a small share of the profits. It has been reported that Rajini’s salary has finally been reduced to Rs 80 crore.

Asked to give a share to each area. According to Kollywood sources, this has been approved by Sun Pictures. She agreed that Rajini would get a profit of Rs 50 crore more than her current salary.

Rajinikanth estimates that the film could fetch around Rs 130 crore if it runs well. Filming for the film is set to begin in August and is expected to target Pongal next year. Because Nelson joins the superstar only after he finishes the next film. Similarly, Rajini is ending some of the problems that are currently happening in the family.

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