Nayanthara who acted with arrogance .. A famous actor who said that he did not even want to act

Currently Nayantara is a busy actress who has acted in many films. In this situation, Nayanthara has signed on as the heroine in the new film to be directed by Yuvraj, who directed Tenali Rama. The film is also being produced by Dream Warriors Productions, which produced Nayantara’s O2 film.

In this movie, there is a character who falls in love with Nayantara. Director Yuvraj is planning to introduce a prominent celebrity in Vijay TV. But Nayantara said she was not ready to act with him.

Then bring in Hindi and Malayalam film actor Roshan Mathew and Nayanthara says she is ready to act. Roshan Mathew played the role of Ibrahim in Prithviraj’s Sparrow. He is currently starring in Vikram’s Cobra directed by Ajay Gyanamuthu.

When Nayanthara contacted Yuvraj Roshan Mathew, the director of the film, he said that he did not want to act with Nayanthara. Nayantara is extremely angry when she hears this. Nayanthara is one of the highest paid actresses in Tamil cinema.

Nayanthara has also acted with many leading actors from superstar Rajinikanth to Vijay and Ajith. Nayantara is currently paired with Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan in the movie Lion.

But the news that an actor does not want to act with Nayantara at present has shocked not only Nayantara but also the cinema community. And some are claiming that Roshan Mathew has given the right response to Nayantara who told him not to be a Vijay TV celebrity.

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