Nayanthara hates Kamal Haasan .. Aha! The truth that finally came out

Nayanthara is the top actress in Tamil cinema. All the films starring her have been well received by the fans. That is why till now the films starring Nayantara are constantly being released.

Top actress Nayanthara has so far paired up with many actors including Rajinikanth and Vijay Ajith. But he has not acted with Kamal Haasan in any film and the reason for that is currently being leaked from the cinema circle.

There have been rumors circulating about actresses co-starring with Kamal Haasan. From Abrami to Andrea, who started then, there have been rumors, including of a number of actresses. Famous actresses of the time told Nayanthara that they were caught up in Kamal Haasan’s gossip and that is why they did not get a chance to shoot on a large scale after that.

And if they co-star with Kamal Haasan then whatever they do and whatever film they act in there will be monotonous gossips thus claiming that their cinema career is lost. On hearing this, Nayantara has categorically told them that she will not be acting with Kamal Haasan anymore. This information is currently being widely talked about from the cinema circle.

But the chances of a few Nayantara starring in a Kamal Haasan film were not exactly right. Otherwise, they are saying that he will definitely act with Kamal Haasan in some film.

But Kamal Haasan fans Nayantara is no slouch Nayantara is more involved in monologues than how Kamal Haasan got monogamous gossips. Nayantara Kamal Haasan has been saying that there is no point in complaining when many people know that she is trapped in a love trap beyond gossips. Madam First you are correct then tell everyone

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