Nayanthara has drastically increased her salary .. I don’t mind having so much money


Actress Nayanthara is a leading actress with the title of Lady Superstar of South India. He is currently busy acting in many languages ​​including Tamil and Hindi. Subsequent films starring him are out.

She is also the highest paid actress in the industry. All the other actresses are jealous of this guy who gets paid the same as the hero. In this situation, he has increased his salary even more.

Director Ravichandran is all set to direct a film to put Nayanthara next. The film is a social concept film about women. Nayantara is good at acting in stories like this.

Already she has received accolades for starring in many films as the protagonist of a story like this. So he has agreed to act in this film as well. But he has asked for a maximum salary of Rs 10 crore to star in the film.

Ravichandran is very close to director Aadli. In that sense, he is accustomed to Nayantara. It is on the basis of that friendship that he is planning to direct the film with Nayantara. But it has come as a bit of a shock to him that he has suddenly increased his salary by so many crores.

Already Nayantara has been making huge profits by keeping a lot of movies in her possession called Kollywood, Bollywood. He is also involved in production. Fans are wondering what he will do if he buys so much money in this situation.

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