My tappa is beautiful.? Famous actress who turned into a psycho

There are many actresses who are an example of how an actress should be in cinema. But actress Meera Mithun is the only example of how an actress should not be. He shows his head in one or two films and gives a lot of closet.

Someone has planted the idea that you are a world beauty in the mind of this person who claims to be a super model. That is why all the actresses in the cinema look at him and dress up and do make-up.

Not only that, but he also got into trouble for speaking ill of those on the list. He was also arrested by the police and later released on bail for doing unnecessary things such as spreading slanderous comments about the famous actor and actress in the cinema.

It was only after that that he became more and more aggressive when he saw that he would be subdued after that. He has been posting several videos on social media saying that he is bathing in the bathroom in a half dress and that he is close with his boyfriend.

Netizens who saw all this openly said that he was crazy. As a proof of that, Miramidun had recently released a video saying that wherever I go, everyone is hitting me on the side.

Many who were upset by this saw him and posted comments criticizing him. Seeing this, Miramidun threw a new bomb saying that everyone was jealous of my beauty. He has a bad name for many in the film industry for doing such heinous acts as psycho.

So many actresses are so angry at him that you are all an actress and you are ugly to us. Yet unruly Meera Mithun has become a psycho, boasting to herself as usual.

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