Murthy who was thrown out of the shop .. Jeeva’s perverse decision

Pandian Stores family series aired on Vijay TV. The last brother in the series, who was a joint family, was put away from this family for some time because of his romantic marriage. At one point Kanna and his wife Aishwarya reunite with the Pandian Stores family.

But there are many maneuvers going on to somehow divide this Pandian Stores family. Jeeva is currently looking after her father-in-law’s shop. His father-in-law gives full responsibility to Jeeva. Jeeva does not want to visit her father – in – law’s shop.

Thus from time to time Jeeva comes to Pandian Stores but her brother Murthy behaves a little angrily without letting Jeeva do any work. Because Murthy is doing this for fear that his father-in-law will leave the shop and come here as soon as he talks to Jeeva with some concern.

But Jeeva, who thinks that her family is setting her aside, is very upset. Thus Jeeva drinks with Meena’s brother. Jeeva then pours out her grievances to her father-in-law who comes there.

Also, Jeeva went to her house and told the Pandian Stores family that the reason I drank was because my brother told me what to do when I went to the shop and Jeeva cried that I did not own the store. Meena immediately takes Jeeva away.

Thus Murthy, who feels that I am the cause of Jeeva’s condition, has a chance to get acquainted with Jeeva again. But Meena’s father will work to stop it somehow. Thus waiting for many twists and turns in Pandian Stores.

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