MGR is the only actor who has acted with Sivaji .. he is the only one who is lucky to score


Actors MGR and Sivaji Ganesan are considered as the two pillars of Tamil cinema. Many years after their disappearance, they still cannot be ignored when talking about Tamil cinema. Thus the work of art they both did is immense.

Many actors are eager to work with the two in some film. It was fulfilled for some of their contemporaries. M.G.R. They left cinema and became a full-time politician and later became the first. Shivaji continued to act in films with them. The actors who came to act after this period also wanted to act with them. But that opportunity was only for one.

Rajinikanth, who came to the screen after MGR’s Shivaji, has acted in five films with Sivaji. But he was not able to act with MGR even once.

Kamal Haasan made his debut as a child star in Tamil cinema and later became successful in many dimensions. As a child, Kamal Haasan co-starred with Sivaji in the film “Parthal Pasi Theerum”.

As a child, Kamal starred with MGR in the film Anand Jothi. Although he did not co-star with MGR after growing up, Kamal Haasan got an opportunity not available to other actors like Rajini. Kamal Haasan was lucky in that respect.

Shivaji, Kamal and Rajini have co-starred in the film “Shapes Can Change”. But it is noteworthy that Bakiaraj, who acted with Sivaji in “Tawani Kanavugal”, has co-starred with MGR in “Emergency Police 100”.

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