Madhuri Dixit Revelation When 50 Year Old Middle Aged Man Reached At Her House And Insisted For Adoption

Madhuri Dixit is one of the popular actresses of the 90s. Still his stardom has not diminished. These days Madhuri Dixit is making a lot of headlines for her digital debut. Soon Madhuri is going to be seen in The Fame Game in the character of famous star Anamika Anand, who suddenly goes missing. This series stream is going to be sown on 25 February. Madhuri Dixit Upcoming Series has recently given an interview about this series, in which she shared many stories. Recently, during an interview, Madhuri Dixit’s weirdest fans were asked about.

In response, Madhuri said that there was a fan who had reached her house. Further Madhuri said that he did not come alone, he had reached my house with all his belongings. Recalling this story, the Dhak Dhak girl further said that he must have been about 50 years old and had come and stood at the door. These are the things of the 90s. When we opened the door, he said that Madhuri Dixit has called me.

Taking the matter further, the actress said- When she was asked why Madhuri has called you. So he said that Madhuri wants to adopt me. Madhuri said that we were all stunned to hear this. When he was asked when he had spoken to Madhuri, he also said that when I was at home. She was on TV. She was talking to me and I was talking to her. He said again that come. That’s why I came here. Remembering this, Madhuri Dixit started laughing a lot.

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