Liplock, photo of male ** cake cut .. Sruthihaasan celebrating his disgusting birthday

Actor Kamal Haasan’s daughter Sruthi Haasan made a name for herself in her debut film ‘7th Knowledge’. Later she became an avid actress in both Tamil and Telugu films. He stayed away from acting for a while and performed concerts. He is currently busy acting in Telugu films again.

Actress Sruthihaasan has been in love with Chandan Hazarika for many years. The news that the two are going to get married soon has been circulating for a few days. She recently celebrated her boyfriend’s birthday and posted the photos on social media.

In one of the videos, Pakir beats up his boyfriend who fed him cake. Also, fans who have seen the penis-like painting on the cake they cut and celebrated are lamenting what a spectacle it is.

In the interview to Sruthi who has been in love for a long time and when asked when are you going to get married he only gives a laugh and walks away. When asked the same question Shantanu said that we are just dating now.

And according to Chandan, Sruthi is a better musician than an actress. Music is what unites us. With music, we are both involved in costume design, and these two are our creative journey. “We are both seriously focused on this than marriage,” he said.

Sruthihaasan is currently contracted with Prabhas to play the lead role in Salar, Balakrishna and Chiranjeevi’s next films.

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