Lion-like posture, golden nature .. Dhanush praised the Beast movie celebrity

Dhanush was introduced to Tamil cinema by his father, through whom Dhanush has gradually progressed and is now in asura development. But bitter things are happening in married life right now. Famous director and Beast movie villain Selvarajavan has posted a Twitter post praising his brother.

Actor Dhanush has been working hand in hand with his brother and famous director Selvarajavan Nane Varuven after 11 years. The first look poster of the film has gone viral and is currently in the final stages of shooting. Director Selvarajavan posted a post on Twitter about his time with Dhanush in the film.

Dhanush made his acting and Tamil directorial debut in the 2002 film Tulluvatho Ilamai, directed by Selvaragavan, and continued to fall in love. Yuvan Shankar Raja composed the music for both the films which was very well received. Selvaragavan, who also directed the 2011 film Mayakkam Enna, is all set to star in films following the success of the film.

Currently the actor is playing a lead role in Vijay‚Äôs Beast movie. Selvaragavan’s dialogues in the trailer of the recently released film Beast have been widely welcomed by the fans.

Yuvan Shankar Raja will compose the music for the film, which will star Dhanush in two roles, starring actress Induja and Ellie Aur. Director Selvaragavan said on Twitter that he had the opportunity to work with his brother after a long day, as photos of the filming were released from time to time, and that the two of us had traveled separately for some time, and that the film I Will Come was an opportunity for us to spend a lot of time together.

Dhanush is also known for his lion-like appearance and golden personality. Also shared a photo of Dhanush smiling. In this photo, Dhanush has posted a photo of himself wearing a garland around his neck without a mustache and beard and smiling.

Director Selvaragavan had already posted a photo of himself with actor Dhanush on his Instagram page while the filming of ‘Come Myself’ is currently taking place abroad. It is worth noting that he also posted a photo with the crew on the set.

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