Laika does not respect the reduction of the budget .. Director Shankar under pressure


Indian 2 is a film directed by Shankar and starring Kamal Haasan and produced by Laika. The film started shooting in 2019. The film was shot in places like Hyderabad.

Then in 2020, 3 people were killed in a crane accident during the shooting of Indian 2. The victims were then given a stipend. Thus the shooting was suspended for some time.

Leica sued Shankar. The two sides then held talks and decided that the shooting of Indian 2 could resume. In this situation Shankar Ram is directing a Telugu film with Saran.

Shankar was busy working on the film as it was out for Pongal next year. In this situation, many parties are asking when the Indian 2 boat work will start. Thus Shankar has checked the budget of the film for restarting Indian 2 and has told Laika that it is likely to reduce the budget from 20 per cent to 30 per cent.

Shankar expects Laika to respond soon. But Leica production company does not respect Shankar at all. Thus Shankar is very upset.

Kamal Haasan is also busy shooting for Vikram and fans are dissatisfied with Laika’s move as they are expecting the Indian-2 shooting to start soon after the shooting of the film.

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