Kumkum Bhagya Fame Preeta Aka Shraddha Arya And Her Husband Rahul Nagal Is Having 4 Years Age Gap Read All Details Here


TV actress Shraddha Arya is seen on the seventh sky after marriage. The glow on her face is clearly telling how happy she is after marriage. Not only this, but after marriage, he was also honored with many awards for his best acting. Shraddha Arya’s pairing with Dheeraj Kapoor, who became popular from house to house by playing the role of Preeta in Kundali Bhagya, was well-liked. At the same time, when her real husband entered Preeta’s real life, everyone was shocked because till marriage her fans did not know who is Shraddha’s husband and what they do. When the procession came and people came to know that Shraddha Arya is marrying Navy officer Rahul Nagal, everyone was shocked.

Rahul Nagal has nothing to do with the entertainment industry. Still, Shraddha Arya fell on him, it is a matter to think about. But they say that love does not know caste-religion, love does not know any boundaries. This saying fits perfectly on Shraddha Arya because she not only chose a life partner from outside the industry but also decided to stay in a long distance relationship even after marriage. Not only this, the age gap is also being seen in the age of Shraddha Arya and her husband Rahul Nagal. Very few people would know that Shraddha is older than her husband.

Shraddha Arya was born on 17 August 1987. This means that Shraddha will turn 35 in August. At the same time, Rahul Nagal was born in Delhi in November 1991. According to this, her age is close to 31 years, recently Shraddha celebrated her husband’s birthday. In such a situation, there is a difference of 4 years in the age of Shraddha Arya and her husband Rahul Nagal. Despite being older than his wife, Rahul Nagal loves her immensely. The witness of this couple’s love and great bonding are their pictures, which keep trending on social media every day.

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